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Building Websites for Return on Investment
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‘Building Websites for Return on Investment’ uncovers the secrets of sites that successfully generate real return on investment. This book will enable you to transform your website from an expense to a measurable source of income.

Why do you have a website?

It is such a straightforward question that it seems almost absurd to ask but you might be amazed how many website owners can’t answer it at all. Even when they do have a response it is often vague and unfocussed. Common answers include:

  • “Our competition have one.”
  • “We need an ‘online presence’.”
  • “Doesn’t everybody have a website these days?”

The reality is that few of us question what we gain from having a website. This shortsighted view that ‘we have a website because, well, we have to’ portrays the website as an expense that has to be paid and yet provides no easily articulated benefits. In many ways it feels like an arbitrary tax. You know that the tax must be paid because it pays for services and whatnot, however, because it is hard to articulate what exactly the benefit is to you, you can end up resenting paying the tax.

When an organisation perceives its website as a costly burden that provides no tangible benefit, their site is never going to receive the investment it requires. This not only puts budgets for further investment in jeopardy, it also inevitably leads to management questioning the need to have a web team working on the site. For instance, perhaps your role?

If you are keen to see ongoing investment in your website, not to mention job security for yourself, the time has come to ask: What return on investment (ROI) does your site offer?

Does your website save your organisation money? Does it generate income through ecommerce? Does it provide leads for your sales team to follow up? In short, does it create a tangible, trackable benefit that can be presented to management as evidence that your site is worth investing in? Ultimately, your senior management want to understand what they get back from investing money and energy into their online presence. It is down to you to explain what those returns are for the business.

This book will help you do just that. We begin by establishing the business objectives for your site. We refine these objectives into specific, measurable goals. We then look at improving your site in order to meet those goals through a cycle of development, testing and tracking. By the end of this book you will have a clear idea of how to ensure your website provides tangible returns for your business and how best to present those to other people in the business so they understand how valuable your site, and you, really are.

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